Penguin is a well known windows company that makes triple pane windows. They boast about quality, superior energy efficiency, a variety of decorative options, strong safety features, and even lifetime warranty. Their products tend to be more expensive than products from similar companies in the industry. This is of course justified by claiming superior quality and the lifetime warranty feature.

Before you get too excited about the prospects of acquiring Penguin triple glazed windows though, it is important to realise that there have been a myriad of complaints against this company. Many people believe these windows are way over priced. But that’s not the only issue. Others have complained about poor installation and support. They are said to be very pushy when it comes to making sales. Customers have lamented of their terrible experiences with Penguin representatives who visited their homes but were most difficult to get rid of. Some ended up signing up with Penguin (intending to cancel later) just to get rid of them.

There are so many horror stories related to Penguin that a lot more could be said. Suffice it to say, the matter was escalated, and the feedback from the Washinton Attorney General’s office shows that a settlement was reached. The press release dated March 2, 2010, stated:

“In its complaint, the Attorney General’s Office accused Penquin of misrepresenting its products, making false claims about the energy savings customers would achieve, and misleading consumers into thinking that the in-home appointments they set up with Penguin were something other than sales calls.

Penguin denied any wrongdoing as part of the settlement filed in King County Superior Court but agreed to restrictions on its marketing tactics.” (see

With all the negative stuff out there on Penguin, it should be noted that many customers have had no formal complaints, and many actually value the windows and service provided by Penguin. So whether this company is worth your time, you decide.

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