Pella corporation started in 1925 as a company that specialized in a new kind of window screen that was able to roll up and down, much like a shade. The company eventually began manufacturing windows themselves. Now they are one of the top manufacturers of windows and doors in the USA. They take pride in their thrust for innovation, and can boast of over a hundred patents. Pella makes a variety of windows such as the casement, double-hung, bay, sliders, and more. Pella allows you to make an order from their standard made to order offering. However, if none suits your needs, Pella will  custom build a solution for you.

Pella corporation, being one to thrive on innovation and always seeking to improve, specializes in energy efficient products. For years now, this company has been awarded the Energy Star award. This award is given to companies that show commitment to ENERGY STAR products through promotion and delivery. Pella has windows that use triple paned glass. More specifically, their Designer Series offers triple pane advanced Low-E insulating glass with argon. This entails two layers of insulating glass with Low-E coating, and a third pane of Low-E glass. They also have a “between-the-glass” blinds and shades option which allows for privacy without having to block the whole window, and it also reduces the amount of cleaning needed since it will take longer for the blinds to accumulate dust, being between the panels. However, bear in mind that you will end up having to clean more surfaces of glass  as dust does eventually gather on the interior surface of the pane that opens.

You will find that Pella triple pane windows are cheaper than most other triple glazed windows. However, you may also notice that the energy efficiency of other triple panes tend to be better than the Pella product. This is because, the Pella triple pane window is not a sealed window. The interior glass panel is removable. This makes the Pella triple pane window more like a standard double pane window with a snap-on panel of glass on the inside. Obviously with this set up, there is only one space that can hold the argon gas, as there is really only one sealed compartment. It seems though the Pella design actually works better for noise reduction than the standard triple pane window design.

Customers who have purchased the Pella triple pane designer series have generally expressed satisfaction. Some however have been disappointed, thinking that the energy efficiency should have been better for triple pane windows. But once you understand upfront what you are getting, and you are comfortable with that, you will probably be satsfied with the quality as many other customers are.

If you have any feedback on these windows, you are invited to post your experience here, so that others may benefit in making more informed decisions.

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