What is the cost of triple pane windows? How much more than double pane can you expect to pay?  Where can I get the best price deals on triple panes?  These are common questions that many who are interested in triple pane windows ask. We will address these questions, but first let us understand why triple pane windows are more costly. This information will prove helpful in ascertaining the answers to the aforementioned questions.

The main advantage that triple pane windows have over double glazed and single pane windows, is that they are more energy efficient. Triple panes have another layer of glass over dual panes. With this extra pane, there is now another two possible surfaces which can be given a low-e coating, which will contribute significantly to the energy efficiency. Triple glazed windows also tend to be filled with an inert gas like argon or krypton or sometimes a mixture of both. They may however just be filled with air. The use of the inert gas will increase the energy efficiency of triple pane windows. Each facet of triple panes that improves energy efficiency or insulation, will contribute to the increased cost. This is why triple panes are more expensive than double pane windows. How much more expensive they are, will depend on just how much more energy efficiency is built in.

So just how much more can one expect to pay for triple pane windows when compared with dual panes? There are some who will give estimates of up to 25% more for triple panes and others will say 10 to 15 percent. It is difficult to give any specific figures because the cost of the windows will depend on the window type, the dimensions and the energy efficiency rating.

Some companies sometimes have specials where they offer triple panes for the same price as double panes. This is likely a good deal, but it is important that you verify that the triple panes you’d be getting are actually better performers than the dual glazed for the same price. It is quite possible to have double pane windows that are more energy efficient than triple pane windows, depending on how each is constructed. Triple panes have the greater potential for insulation, but it is not necessarily the case that a triple pane window will be constructed to take full advantage of this potential. What you want to do is check that the R value of the triple panes are actually higher than the R value of the equivalent double panes.

To get the best answers to your questions about cost, I recommend that you contact the major dealers in windows and ask for quotations for specific dimensions, for a specific type of window. Once these parameters are defined, then collect the prices noting the R-value or U-value of these windows (ensure that this value is for the entire window). The price will vary according to the insulation value. But once you get this information, you will be able to determine the difference in cost between triple and double panes for the same dealers, and you will be in a position to compare dealers to see which ones give the best prices. You will also have the information needed to estimate just how long it will take to recover the additional amount you would spend for triple panes as compared to double panes with the savings realised due to the better energy efficiency.

The following are well known in the windows industry. These should suffice for giving a good benchmark.

Marvin windows
Andersen Windows
Loewen windows
Pella windows
Penguin windows

Contact each one and get the price information as explained above.

One should also bear in mind that the frames for triple pane windows might be more expensive than for dual panes, and the labour cost for installation can be higher too. So if you want to know how much you will ultimately have to pay, you should find out the details for these two factors.

Please feel welcomed to post your findings in the comments for the benefit of all.